Paranasal Implants

Dr. FlugradFacial appearance is determined by three basic components: skin, soft tissues and underlying bones of the face. When the bone is disproportionate – the chin recessed, jaw undefined or the cheeks flat – it can significantly affect your appearance. If you are bothered by a small chin weak jaw or lack of facial contours, facial implants can significantly change your appearance.

Facial Implants:

Facial implants are specially formed solid materials compatible with human bone and tissue, designed to enhance or augment the physical structure of the face. The precise type and size of implants best suited for you requires an evaluation of your goals, the features you wish to correct. Facial implants can produce a marked improvement in the underlying structure that forms facial appearance, improving proportion and balance. Although facial implants can improve the proportion, shape or size of virtually any region of the face, three more common sites for facial implants include the chin, jaw and cheek or malar region.

Cheek Implants:

Increase the projection of the malar region. They add volume to areas that have lost subcutaneous fat. Mid-face contour implants are very exciting, because they have essentially eliminate a mid-face lift. By placing an implant in the mid-face you are essentially getting the results of a mid-face lift at a fraction of the cost and minimal downtime. The results can be quite dramatic.

Lip Implants:

Cosmetic surgeons have been searching for the perfect lip implant. As of today I have tried many different types and have not been satisfied. However, recently a company out of Texas designed a new implant that I am very pleased with the results, the procedure takes about an hour, and can be done in the office under local anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

Paranasal Implants:

This is a relatively new implant that can be placed quickly from an extra oral incision, and the results are a decreasing of the nasolabial defect. It adds volume back into the nasal labial fold. Most of the facial implants that I place are MedPor, and all are done from an intra oral approach.
After the procedure, you will be asked to use a pressure dressing for 36hrs and then you can return to work. If there are no complications, there should be minimal swelling and bruising. Don’t be surprised at how others might react to your choice for cosmetic surgery. What is most important are your feelings of fulfillment.